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PONY Baseball Age Rule Changes for 2018

The National PONY Board of Directors has approved a change in the baseball age determination date from April 30 to August 31 starting in 2018. Beginning next year (2018 season), a baseball player’s league age will be their age on August 31. This rule change will align PONY member leagues with USA Baseball, the governing board for amateur baseball in the US. Little League Baseball recently made this change as well. This change will mean that current players born between May 1 and August 31 will advance an age year going into the 2018 season. For example, a player born in July 2007 would have played this upcoming 2018 season in Mustang Division as a 10-year old because they are age 10 on the current April 30 determination date. With the age determination change next year, this player will continue on to Bronco Division, but will do so as a 11-year old player, being age 11 on the new August 31 determination date.

PONY Baseball Bat Rule Changes for 2018

While St. Clairsville Jr. Sports ensures that all players have access to baseball bats, we know that some families purchase bats as equipment for their child. With that in mind, please be aware that there will be a bat rule change effective next season (2018) that will make many bats sold this year or in the past ineligible for use after 2017.

Beginning in 2018 all bats that are greater than a “drop 3” / “-3 ” (-5, -7, -9, etc.) will be ineligible for use in league and tournament play unless they have a new YBBCOR certified USABat licensing stamp. Eligible, YBBCOR certified bats are expected to be available for sale in September 2017.

“Drop” refers to the difference between the length and weigh of a bat — a 30 inch, drop 5 bat will weigh 25 oz. Drop 3 bats will still be allowed in 2018 as long as they are BBCOR certified.

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Our Mission

In the course of participation and skillful direction, St. Clairsville Jr. Sports assists youth in developing the qualities of good sportsmanship, teamwork, and character while offering instruction in the proper skills and fundamentals of softball and baseball.  

St. Clairsville Jr. Sports provides area youth the opportunity to play against some of the best competition throughout the Ohio Valley with preparation for organized scholastic and travel sports.

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